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Protectors Knee/Shin/Ankle

Combined knee/shin guard protection

Since concepts such as suspension travel and downhill suitability have now begun to arouse interest among potential buyers of virtually all bicycle categories, equal importance must be placed on providing adequate protection. Knees and shins are exactly where you need protection when you are out and about cycling! Knee and leg guards are the most common type of protection in MTB sports. Manufacturers of MTB protective gear have adapted their products to the all-mountain and enduro sectors. Whether it be comfort, fit or price, today there are no more excuses for not using knee and shin guards. Our protective gear come in two kinds: there are soft knee and shin guards, some of which use materials which harden on impact in the event of a fall, and there are protective guards featuring hard-shell elements. Both kinds are available as knee guards or as knee/shin guards. Gear that protects the knee only is often referred to as knee guard, hard-shell knee guard or kneepad. The slightly longer version not only protects your knees but your highly sensitive shins too. . Whichever gear you end up choosing, your decision should be based on your intended use. Let's say you are out cycling with a backpack. You've got a long climb ahead of you before heading downhill on a trail that may be full of roots and other such obstacles. In this case, it might make sense to put on your knee/shin guards only after reaching the summit. Having your backpack with you also means that you can easily store your protective gear. This also means that you are free to choose from practically the entire range. Bikers who love riding in bad weather and snow should make sure that their leg guards can be opened completely. Otherwise you'll end up having to take off your shoes each time you want to put on your guards. For enduro bikers, we recommend using soft knee guards. You can easily slip these down on uphill stretches. If, however, you're heading for a bike park, you'll need maximum protection. In that case, we highly recommend using a robust knee/shin guard. Finally, while pedalling make sure that the gear doesn't pinch or chafe you and that the guard doesn't slip out of place. This is why you should never go on a cycling holiday without having tried on your knee/shin guards beforehand! We carry knee guards, ankle guards, and shin guards. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at our shop - and at a great price, of course.
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