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Value for money chain locks for bikes

Here you will find our range of chain locks for bikes, for the security of your bike. Abus calls it the Lock-Chain-Combination, the traditional chain consists of a combination of a heavy metal chain and a padlock. These days chains in which the links and the chain are directly connected to the lock are preferred, because the offer fewer vulnerable surfaces. Kryptonite calls these "Integrated Chains". We recommend always choosing chain locks with a cover. The cover is usually synthetic or made of textile (e.g. nylon) and protects the bike from scratches from the chain. In addition it protects the links from corrosion. There are also different chain lengths, the longer the chain, the simpler it is to lock the bike to fixed objects. For uncomplicated transport, the chain is often wrapped around the seat post tube and is therefore always with you when cycling. This is not possible with all chain-locks, it depends on the flexibility of the chain.
Tip: If more people in the family use a chain-lock, a combination lock might be better, so that you don't have to give everyone a key.
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