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Casual wear online at HIBIKE

Cool casual wear from your bike brands

You also want to look good when you are not on your bike and shredding the trails?

Numerous manufacturers of biking clothes also offer cool and casual clothes for your leisure time ! Show your passion, even if you are not on the road with your bike, with jeans from Fox, another cool cap from Troy Lee Designs, shirts from Maloja and so on.
With the casual collections of the bike brands, you will always look right even on the pump track and on your BMX track.

What statement does "Streetwear" make?

Streetwear defines a type of fashion, which is young with cool designs and which embodies a certain lifestyle. Sportive styles which can be worn at sports, in your leisure time and also in your day-to-day life. It is aimed at young persons and at everyone who is still young at heart who wish to also make a statement in their daily life to show what they stand for. Casual leisure wear from Fox, Maloja, TLD, Craft and more An attitude towards life which used to be well-known from skaters and surfers which they embody in their leisure time as well has now been picked up by further types of sport.

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