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Chain Stay Protectors

Avoid paint damage

Damage and scratches can leave unsightly marks on the chain-stays at the rear of your bike. You can find chainstay protection on both mountain bikes and road bikes. A protective cover makes sense. Often tape is not enough, especially when you want to protect carbon fibre chain-stays, in which case it's not worth saving. The advantage of a neoprene chain-stay is that it also dampens the sounds of the chain hitting the stay. That's something that tape can't do. A neoprene cover can be easily affixed with velcro. If they are soaked after your last tour in the rain, simply remove them and hang them on the line or also quickly wash them. Besides neoprene covers for the chain-stays, you can also get some from plastic, but these are usually made to fit specific models. In order to obtain long-lasting fixed protection, you can use thicker tape such as Slapper Tape by Marsh Guard rather than neoprene-velcro solutions. Simply cut to the desired length and stick it on. There is nothing more unsightly than scratches on the chain-stay due to the chain hitting it. For only 5 to 10 € you can find suitable protection for your chain-stays in our shop.
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