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Fat tyre bikes - really fat wheels

Bikes on big wheels, which can get through no matter where they are, those are the fat bikes! The newest trend among the mountain bikes, which gradually finds more and more fans. Fat bikes convince with a cycling feeling, which probably no other bike can offer in this form. Incredibly sovereign, they roll over hill and dale and bury unevennesses under their wheels. Especially at winter conditions and when snow and mud prevail, the fat bikes plainly are the all-purpose-weapons due to the large running tread of the tyres. Are the tyres really that "fat"? Yes! Let's take for example a 26" fat bike tyre: The special thing is the volume since with a 26 inch tyre, you're rolling almost with an outside diameter of a 29 inch wheel through the prairie. But that does not mean that fat bikes are only available in 26 inch format. From 26 via 27.5 to 29 inch bikes, everything is feasible for fat bikes, even the newly triumphing +sizes of tyres find their application as fat bike mixtures. Whether full suspension fat bike or hardtail, Surley, Salsa, Trek, Specialized or Borealis, discover our offer of complete fat bikes at favourable prices.
Tip: Discover our Fat bike Shop, here, you can not only buy the actual fat bikes, but also the spare parts, such as rims, hubs and wheels.
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