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Starrgabeln MTB 27,5 Zoll

MTB Fork 27.5" (650B) Rigid Fork

27.5 inch wheel size also called 650B is widely accepted by cyclists. Nevertheless the rigid forks for 650B MTB that are available on the market are limited. The suspension forks are more commonly available. Nevertheless we may still be surprised by what the manufacturers will offer in the future in terms of 27.5 inch rigid forks. Independent of the wheel size is the fact that forks withour suspension score points for less maintenance and lightweight lovers can really save weight with these. It quickly adds up to a few hundred grams weight that you save. Nevertheless you will need to live with less comfort, this is especially a factor when you ride more in rough terrain. Buy your new 27.5" rigid fork, e.g. a nice light carbon fibre fork from Ritchey, here in our fork shop.

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