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ION K-Lite Zip térdprotektoren

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Méret L black 97870196 74,39€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-900-L
Méret M black 97870197 74,39€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-900-M
Méret S black 97870198 74,39€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-900-S
Méret XL black 97870199 74,39€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-900-XL
Méret L sea gracsatlakozó 97871952 77,80€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-604-L
Méret M sea gracsatlakozó 97871953 77,80€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-604-M
Méret S sea gracsatlakozó 97871954 77,80€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-604-S
Méret XL sea gracsatlakozó 97871955 77,80€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-604-XL
Méret L evil amber 97871956 90,61€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-813-L
Méret M evil amber 97871957 90,61€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-813-M
Méret S evil amber 97871958 90,61€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-813-S
Méret XL evil amber 97871959 90,61€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47220-5918-813-XL
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The protector for rough bike use

The new K-Lite Zip knee protector from ION offers medium protection and is geared towards enduro use. The removable K-L1 Lite Pad offers more than just protection against abrasion and easily withstands light to medium impacts. The pre-shaped pads follow the natural shape of the knee and adapt ergonomically. A seamless, abrasion-resistant layer on the front ensures that the pads are slippery so that they do not slip in the event of a fall. The extremely durable and tightly woven aramid material also contributes to the robustness. Integrated EVA pads on the sides that absorb light impacts provide protection.

If you prefer to pedal uphill passages or the way to the trail without knee pads, you can easily remove the K-Lite Zip thanks to the side zip without having to take off your shoes.


  • Ergo_Strap: Thanks to the placement above the calf, the Velcro fastener adapts to the anatomical shape of the knee area and can be individually adjusted for a perfect fit
  • Ultra_Aramid: Aramid is an extremely robust and resistant fiber. This reinforced, more densely woven variant is used in all types of protective clothing and withstands sharp rocks and falls at high speed
  • ION Pad K-L1 Lite
  • Lateral, light EVA padding: closed-cell foam offers lightweight and flexible protection where you need it

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of ION K-Lite Zip knee protectors (see item description for details)
ION K-Lite Zip térdprotektoren Méret L black
ION K-Lite Zip térdprotektoren Méret L sea gracsatlakozó
ION K-Lite Zip térdprotektoren Méret L evil amber
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