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ION K-Pact térdprotektoren

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Méret L black 97865510 58,59€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-900-L
Méret M black 97865511 58,59€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-900-M
Méret S black 97865512 58,59€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-900-S
Méret XL black 97865513 58,59€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-900-XL
Méret XXL black 97869075 58,59€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-900-XXL
Méret L thunder grey 97870186 63,93€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-191-L
Méret M thunder grey 97870187 63,93€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-191-M
Méret S thunder grey 97870188 63,93€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-191-S
Méret XL thunder grey 97870189 63,93€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-191-XL
Méret XXL thunder grey 97870190 63,93€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-191-XXL
Méret L gloomy sands 97871943 85,27€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-812-L
Méret M gloomy sands 97871944 85,27€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-812-M
Méret S gloomy sands 97871945 85,27€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-812-S
Méret XL gloomy sands 97871946 85,27€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-812-XL
Méret XXL gloomy sands 97871947 85,27€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-812-XXL
Méret L sötét mud 97871938 89,54€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-602-L
Méret M sötét mud 97871939 89,54€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-602-M
Méret S sötét mud 97871940 89,54€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-602-S
Méret XL sötét mud 97871941 89,54€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-602-XL
Méret XXL sötét mud 97871942 89,54€
Gyártó cikkszáma 47800-5900-602-XXL
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Best protected with ION's knee protectors

The award-winning K-Pact shines with ventilation and fit: the socks made of Super_Perforator_Neoprene ensure noticeably better ventilation of the knee area, even when the protector is worn on the knee on long climbs. The asymmetrical padding on the inside and outside of the knee protects the joint in the event of lateral contact with frames or obstacles. The certified SAS-TEC pad on the front hardly needs a description: the absorption capabilities of this pad are simply first class. In this combination of Super_Perforator_Neoprene socks and SAS-TEC pad, the K-Pact is an absolutely reliable and very good companion for laps on the home trails, bike park visits or high-speed runs somewhere in the backcountry!

Note: The knee protectors are small. Please order one size larger!


  • SAS-TEC padding: SAS-TEC is an innovative, German manufacturer of particularly high-quality protectors. The company has a long history in motorcycle protective gear - and is ION's first choice when it comes to reliable safety. In their protectors, they therefore often use three-dimensionally shaped protection pads made of viscoelastic foam with exceptionally high absorption properties
  • Power_Aramid: Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. It is now used in a variety of ways, for example in bulletproof helmets, tires and bowstrings. The material offers outstanding qualities in terms of tear and abrasion resistance. And is therefore perfect for protectors
  • Super_Perforator_Neoprene: Very flexible, particularly robust and, above all, very air-permeable neoprene. Of course not to be compared with mesh material, but when it comes to neoprene it is the most air-permeable that ION currently uses
  • Lightweight_EVA side padding: Closed cell foam provides lightweight and flexible protection where you need it

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of ION K-Pact knee protectors (see item description for details)


test verdict

Test result: "Test winner" in Fahrrad 08/21


ION K-Pact térdprotektoren Méret L black
ION K-Pact térdprotektoren Méret L thunder grey
ION K-Pact térdprotektoren Méret L gloomy sands
ION K-Pact térdprotektoren Méret L sötét mud
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