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Now available: Early Rider 2020 models
If you are looking for a high-quality bike for your kids, the Early Rider is the perfect choice. The guys from the UK build perfect kids bikes without any compromises. They are lightweight, equipped with well chosen components and handmade with perfection! The 2020 models are now available in our shop.
from 364,87 €
Early Rider
DEAL: Wahoo GPS-Computer
You are looking for a GPS-Computer? Look out: From today on you can get the Wahoo ELEMNT Mini, ELEMNT GPS and the complete ELEMNT GPS Bundle for a bargain. - For a short time period only! Go and get yours right now! 🎁🎅
from 53,35 €
DEAL: Wahoo KICKR 18 + KICKR Climb bundle
Work out in the warmth of your home during winter time. We now offer the Wahoo KICKR bundle for a bargain price. In it come the KICKR 18 Indoor Trainer and the KICKR Climb, the Wahoo slope simulator. This makes the ride in front of the screen just as realistic as on your training course.
1.654,19 €
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