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NEU: Northwave fall/winter collection 2020
It is slowly getting colder again and fall is coming. The perfect time to gear up with some warm clothing. With their fall / winter collection Northwave supports you in your fight against the decreasing temperatures. No matter if you need some warm shoes or socks, jackets or jerseys or even some gloves.
NEW: Alé Herbst/Winter Kollektion
The new fall/winter collection from Alé is exactly the right thing for road bikers who a looking for some color. The jerseys, jackets and pants of the collection are designed bright and colorfull what makes them perfect for dark rides. But don't worry: There always is a black or dark version available for the stealth fans.
NEW: Panaracer Gravelking semi slick
Fast on gravel, fast on the road: The Panaracer Gravelking semi slick offers the perfect combination of speed, protection and grip. The Gra­velking is available in two versions: The slick version for extra speed and the slick+ version with some extra protection against flats.
from 47,98 €
NEW: HIBIKE x Loose Riders jerseys
Et voilà! - The brand new HIBIKE x Loose Riders jersey! And its an eye catcher: With its elegant design in grey-black it will be available as a long and short sleeved version. Its comes with a matching washing and storing bag and only is available in our shop!
from 31,91 €
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