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Available again: HT Air Evo ME 03 pedals
Finally, the popular HT Air Evo ME 03 magnesium pedals are available again in the Stealth Black Edition. If you care about optimal grip and a long life of your pedals, the Air Evo ME 03 pedals are just right for you!
127,96 €
SALE: Easton Heaven & Havoc wheels
Since 1984 Easton stands for high quality when it comes to wheels. In order to give you a good start for 2019, we have some selected Easton Heaven & Havoc wheelsets for 26", 27,5" and 29" reduced by 50%!
from 282,76 €
NEW: Ecoterra supplements
Sustainable, vegan, biologic, gluten-free, 100% natural and produced in Germany. Ecoterra hits the nerv of conscious athletes with their new supplements, and brings some new energy bars and a nut-chocolate spread, to the market. We are loving it!
from1,85 €
NEW: Mudhugger - fenders for the rough
Mudhugger is the new brand for powerful mud guards in the HIBIKE range. Mudhugger mud guards are compatible with all popular mountain bikes and are designed specifically for trail use. They were even tested in the Downhill World Cup by Greg Minaar.
from 21,29 €
Available again: King Cage titanium bottle cage
Its timeless design and precious metal make the King Cage titanium bottle cage a must-have on every bike! Especially among bike packers, this robust and extremely lightweight bottle holder is very popular. Every mount of your bike should carry such a bottle cage.
62,86 €
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