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Kids' Helmets

Buy a bicycle helmet for children at a low price

Parents want to be sure their children are safe, so getting a proper children's bicycle helmet for the little ones is very important if they start riding a bike at an early age. Whether it's on the way to school or practicing on the sidewalk, children are especially at risk of falling. Unfortunately, kids are not yet able to fully assess the dangers of traffic, and the lack of bike riding experience as a beginner can sometimes lead to a minor fall from the bicycle. If the helmet doesn't fit properly or if it doesn't look "cool", instead of using it, the kids will dump it somewhere in the house. Therefore it is crucial, especially when buying children's helmets, to meet the kids' taste in terms of design and fit. Bike helmets for children are just as functional as helmets for adults. They are just more colourful and come with cheerful motifs that the kids will enjoy. Adolescents on the other hand want their helmets to look cool and stylish. Even helmets for toddlers are readily available these days, as parents should make sure their children start getting used to wearing a helmet when they ride the walking/push along bike for the first time. We also recommend toddler helmets when Junior rides in the child seat on dad's or mom's bike. If the broad selection makes it difficult to choose the right children's helmet, it can be helpful to check test ratings. Reviews are published regularly in cycling magazines or in the German consumer's magazines "Stiftung Warentest" and "ÖKO-Test". Discover our colourful selection of children's helmets now; we offer all the top brands at a reasonable price.

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