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Mudguards / Splash Guards

Small spray protection - large impact

You don't always need large mudguards. Sometimes small ones are enough to protect from mud and spray, they are quickly mounted or can be stowed in your backpack. Besides the well known down-tube mudguards that (like the name says) are affixed to the down-tube, there are a number of minimalist innovations that can make biking easier when the weather is bad. Small parts like a suspension cover or a mudflap, marsh guard or mudguards. They are similar to a small cloth that is placed between the crown of the fork and the frame, this small piece of fabric or plastic stops dirt and mud flying into ones face. One example of these are Neoguards by Rapid Racer Products. You often see these being used in MTB and Downhill-Sport. Also small clip-on mini-guards are unassuming but have a large effect. For example the Splatter from Azonic can be purchased for no more than 10 €. Wedged below and behind the saddle your rear is protected from splashing water and dirt. In terms of material there are some differences, mini-guards are made not only from plastic but also from leather, neoprene or carbon fibre. Mini-guards are on the one hand really simple, but effective. Do you already have the right mud protection packed for muddy autumn tours?
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