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Cyclocross bikes online store - Specialized, Trek, Orbea, Santa Cruz and many more to buy online

Fun in every terrain: cross bikes

Cyclocrossers, also called cross bikes or crossers, have conquered a small world for themselves and become more and more popular. The term means "cross-country cycling"- This is exactly true since here, the fun factor of a mountain bike is lived out with a road bike frame (28 inch). These road bike frames are modified (more stable) for the application purpose in the terrain. The tyres have been chosen a little wider, the sitting posture is more sporty, the bike's weight is as light as possible. In cycling sports, cyclocross has its own discipline, the UCI World Championship takes place every year. In such cross races, you'll see the athletes speed over different types of terrain - rocky, gruff, muddy, whatever the race track has to offer. Uphill is not uncommon, the bike is carried on the shoulder and then, the cyclists for example run up stairway passages. Quickly back up on the bike at a run, they ride on until the next hurdle appears. Hobby cyclists must not necessarily do the same as the cross masters. But for a variant fitness training, cross cycling is exactly the right thing to do. If you have tested a cross bike for the first time, you'll quickly become a fan as well. In summer, you'll find the cyclocrosser underway on the road, in the field, on the meadows, over rough and smooth. There'll never be any boredom. But also in winter, you'll always find a training round (whether muddy or rough). Crossers are all-round-weapons, which are a lot of fun! The frames are made of carbon fibre, aluminium or even titanium. Cross bikes mostly are equipped with V-brakes (cantilever). Although you can convert a road bike to a crosser, you should observe a couple things when performing the conversion, since a typical road bike frame is not designed for an application in the terrain. In this case, we rather recommend to buy a cyclocrosser (designed by the manufacturer to serve as a cyclocrosser). That way, the fun off the road is guaranteed.

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