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Shoe covers for cycling, for rain, wind and cold

Numerous manufacturers of bike clothing and bike shoes offer overshoes as a convenient and useful addition to the cycling shoe. We can offer you, among others: Craft, Assos, Endura, Gore Bike Wear, Specialized, etc. But they do more than presenting big advertising logos on the foot; they provide protection. They can be roughly divided into three variants: (1) Mountain bike overshoes: Often these are lined all-weather thermal covers that are also suitable for Alpine trips. (2) Lighter shoe covers, mostly made of thin Lycra® materials often used by racing cyclists. And (3) small toe warmers. They're mini-covers that provide additional wind protection for the toes while the rest of the shoe stays open. In general, bike overshoes should be light and elastic so they can be pulled over the bike shoe as effortless as possible, although it's not always that easy. Some manufacturers rely on zippers, others use Velcro fasteners to ensure a better fit on the respective shoe. An opening in the overshoes' soles for the clipless pedal system is common for many overshoes, plus it makes putting them on and walking in overshoes easier. It should be considered, though, to forgo clipless pedals during the winter and switch to flat pedals, then. Because despite wearing thermal overshoes, the metal that connects shoe and pedal is an excellent cold source, which can quickly result in cold feet and thus keep you from enjoying the winter trek. While thinner, light overshoes normally protect from splash water and rain (waterproof gaiters), thermal or winter overshoes can do more. Extra warm, lined overshoes for biking in the winter protect feet from the bitter cold with sub-zero temperatures. For that, the classics are neoprene materials with PU coating and sealed seams. Wind-stopper or soft shell materials are used during the transitional periods.

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