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Starrgabeln MTB 26 Zoll

Rigid forks for 26" Bikes

Rigid forks for 26 inch mountain bikes have already been almost pushed from the market by suspension forks for some time. Weight enthusiasts and lovers continue to value the low weight, the clear visual appeal and low maintenance requirements of rigid forks. With a rigid fork you can save a few hundred grams weight on a MTB. However, comfort and traction suffer and therefore the suitability for all terrain use. The choice of material for a rigid fork depends a lot on the use, they are usually made of aluminium, steel or carbon fibre. For weight freaks a carbon fibre fork is naturally the first choice, for dirt jumping or other extreme uses a steel fork is often used. Rigid bike forks are usually more torsion resistant than suspension models and give the impression of more direct steering as a result. Thanks to the trendy fatbikes, 26 inch rigid forks are being payed more attention, because the thick tyres largely smooth the ride but also because the alternative choices are limited. 26" rigid forks are available for all common axles and steering tubes and have brake mounts for cantilever and rim brakes.

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