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A road bike is almost always used with a sporting background. Knick-knacks, such as a luggage carrier, have no place on them. A road bike is made to be ridden fast. The difference to other bike types is directly recognizable: Extra narrow wheels and tyres, other handlebar shapes, no suspensions and a very flat sitting posture (as a rule the seat is higher than the handlebar). Mostly rim brakes are used for road bikes, but disc brakes are also occasionally used nowadays. In order to narrow down the arguments for your purchasing decision, you should define the intended application beforehand. Some cyclists like to have more comfort, then you have to ensure that the frame as well as the seat post "flex" (inherent damping) and still are sufficiently rigid. Such a bike is ideal for tour riders. You'll sit relatively upright, not too stretched, and the tyres, which often are wider, additionally increase the comfort. If you rather look for a road bike for bike races, then a classic, rigid bike with a bit longer top tube will be of advantage. These features will reduce the comfort accordingly. If you prefer speed and a streamline shape, you should choose an aero bike. Such a bike is extremly rigid and constructed very aerodynamically, in most cases aero road bikes have high profile rims. With such a racer, it is not every single gramme that counts, but only the speed. The manufacturers of course also differentiate between male and female riders. Women's road bikes in most cases offer a shorter wheelbase and their look and the attachments have been tailored to the needs of the ladies. You'll find bikes in our shop in all price ranges. Aluminium frames, steel frames or the more expensive variant of carbon as well as titan road bikes. Keep in mind: As a road biker, you should be familiar with the rules of the road traffic regulations (StVO) and the road traffic licencing regulation (StVZO).

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