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What is the difference between road bike shoes and MTB shoes?

Road bike shoes differ significantly from their peers that are used for offroad tours. The primary factor in choosing road bike shoes is above all the stiff sole that allows optimum force transmission to the pedal! Performance, speed and physical effort play a big role here. There's a tendency to count every gram/ounce of weight, thus most racing shoes have a carbon sole (carbon fiber-reinforced synthetic sole). The selection includes low-priced road bike shoes, average-priced shoes and expensive top models for about 300 Euros for those who want a shoe like those owned by professional Tour de France riders. The desired cleats can be screwed onto the shoe's sole. That is, aside from the shoe's stiffness, the reason why a road bike shoe simply isn't ideal for walking. Road bikers usually don't want to walk long distances, though; they want to ride - and most times with ambition and at high speed. It sounds logical when you think about it and make a comparison: When it's offroad, the shoe can be softer and has to provide a stronger grip, which really isn't a necessity in road bike racing. As is the case in many other areas: The fit is the essential point and should be the basis for your final purchasing decision! The shoe must enclose the foot firmly, but should be comfortable as well. By wearing a road bike shoe that fits (your foot) perfectly, you can prevent pressure sores and pain especially during regular or longer bike rides. The upper shoe must not pinch, it has to support your foot and, ideally, encase the foot smoothly at the same time. The shoe lasts are equally important as they are supposed to give the foot optimum stability. Since the anatomy of the female and male foot does not compare, anatomically formed insoles can be beneficial. The smooth sole of a typical road bike shoe, here e.g. from SidiWe have a large selection of road bike shoes for women and men, so there's certainly something for every cyclist! Discover the top models and test winners and find your perfect shoe! Whether it's a RR starter shoe or the one used in cycle racing - here in our shop you'll find road bike shoes at low prices. Please keep in mind that pedal cleats are (usually) not included in the scope of delivery of shoes. Here you'll find our selection of pedal cleats.

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