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Ladies Bike Shop

Ladies shop at HIBIKE - Buy everything a lady biker needs online at a good price

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Watch out Ladies! The HIBIKE-Shop for lady bikers!

Everything a lady biker needs - from head to toes! Whether mountain biker or road biker, triathlete or city biker, it's only about the ladies here! Products for women who bike, the sizes, handling, appearances, or anatomy of which are designed with women in mind.

Obviously a woman can simply get a unisex bike frame, as long as it suits her and she feels comfortable with it. However, a bit more detail is often needed. Thus women's bikes are more convincing for example with more comfortable standover height, shorter top tube, or softer compressing suspension elements. A women's saddle for example can provide more comfort for sitting. Are you looking for a women's road bike saddle, a ladies' saddle for MTB (light and sophisticated) or a gel saddle for women instead? Also grips, such as smaller ergonomic grips for women, can flatter the female hand more - just to mention a few examples. The ambitious mountain biker finds here suitable products just as the hobby biker. And we are not just talking about the bikes. From short sleeve women's jersey, long sleeve or sleeveless top, to high-end women's road bike shoes or mountain bike shoes for women, we have put together a broad range of bikewear for women. Why? Because an ambitious sportswoman quickly learns to value the advantages of women-specific products. Here it does not have to be just about the fit, only because biking jerseys for women are rather tailored and cut shorter. Cycling shorts for women for example offer completely different seat padding from those for men.

Suitable products designed for the female anatomy have their right to exist and earn a shop dedicated to them, or so we think. A shop for lady bikers and road bikers, who quickly find here what they are looking for. Without question, this shop is not all of the world of women's products. You can't find what you want here? Perhaps you will find it in the big HIBIKE general catalogue as it is a unisex product. Have a look! Our selection is vast and we deliver your lady's bike, women's helmet, jersey, women's MTB/road bike shoes, women's saddle, women's biking gloves and many more to you at home quickly and at a good price!

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