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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a summary of most frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us via our contact form or by phone.

Expert Advice - Service - Opening Hours

How and when can I reach you?

No matter if you'd like to contact us via e-mail or by phone, you can find all the information how to contact us at our contact information page. Here you can find our contact form.

What are your opening hours and where can I find the HIBIKE retail store?

Information about opening hours and the address of our retail store and repair shop can be found here.

Which size should I order?

For most of offered apaprel and bike wear brands we can offer specificated size charts of the particular manufacturer. These will help you to find the correct size which you should order. You can find the according size chart in the item's description in the "Sizing chart" tab.

You can find a general size chart for bicycles and frames which may help you finding the correct size here using the „Frame Sizes“ subsection.

Where can I find the textile labeling?

The indication of textiles concenring the fabrics and the combination of these is regulated in Germany's "Textile Labelling Act". Lots of definitions one may use for a textile is not eligible. We have created a Textile encyclopedia for you.

Order Process

How can I order at HIBIKE?

You can order online or by phone, but ordering online is the easiest and fastest way to order. This is the most convenient way and causes least errors in sizing, quantity or delivery address of goods. If you are around, please visit our retail shop in Kronberg . All goods marked as "in stock" in our onlineshop can be seen and tried here.

How do I know when an item will be delivered? How can I see if the item is stocked?

For each and every item a stock status is shown in our online shop right below the item. This is how to undestand the status:
  • This item is in stock:
    At least one of these items is stocked and ready for shipment
  • This item will be available in 6 to 8 days:
    The item is stocked at our supplier. Once you have placed an order we will backorder it for you and ship it immediately once it has arrived here.
  • We expect at least 2 weeks for this item to become available. You may order this item; we inform you by mail as soon as we have new information about this item.:
    We can not provide any delivery date for this item as our supplier can not either. You can order it though, we will backorder it for you and keep you posted on delivery progress.

Is there a minimum order value or is there a small order surcharge?

No, whatever you order, there is no minimum order value or small order surcharge.

The item is now more expensive than before, what is the reason?

Please check the selected shipping destination in the right upper corner of our shop. Some internet providers use so-called proxy servers and redirect users to our shop through other countries or provide an IP address from a different country.
To make sure that you see the correct prices please select you country in the right upper corner. Once you have done this you will see the same correct prices which you will pay.
If the delivery country gets reset automatically to a wrong country just go through the checkout process, there you will definitely see the correct prices.

Am I going to be charged with VAT (value added tax)?

It depends on the shipping destination. To be able to immediately see the correct price which is valid for your shipping destination please select a country in the right upper corner of our online shop.

Deliveries outside of the EU
Deliveries outside of the EU are VAT free. You are responsible for import duties in your country, for details please contact your local authorities.

Deliveries within the EU
For deliveries within the EU different VAT are charged depending on the shipping destination. To be able to immediately see the correct price which is valid for your shipping destination please select a country in the right upper corner of our online shop.

How can I change my delivery address after placing my order?

If there is a typo in your address or in case that you have entered a wrong shipping address you can contact us as long the order has not been prepared for shipping so we can change your address if possible. Please use our contact form to give us the correct address.

Can I recieve a tax refund when delivery was to a german adress while living abroad?

Yes, that is possible. You just have to meet the following requirements:
  • Order via our webshop with a billing address in a country outside the European Union (e.g. Switzerland, Norway ) and a delivery address in Germany
  • Print the invoice before the export that we have sent you via email. The delivery does not contain a printed invoice anymore!
  • The export hast to be done within 3 months after the purchase. Relevant is the billing date or the customs stamp on the export papers (invoice)
  • You get the invoice stamped when leaving the EU country and BEFORE you enter the Non-EU counry (e.g. Switzerland) and send it to us via mail
  • If you have not used bank transfer as payment method, please send us your banking details together with the stamped invoice via letter mail to "Buchhaltung". Please do not enclose it with a return, this will likely lead to loss and we cannot refund the VAT. Please note that we need the IBAN- and BIC code for international transactions. Please also note that there might be additional fees for international banking transactions.

Can I add or remove items from my existing order?

We can change your order as long it has not been shipped or prepared for shipping. In this case please use our contact form. We are glad to serve you and add or remove goods as long as possible.

Can I merge different orders?

If you have placed multiple orders and none of those has been shipped it might be possible to merge the orders. Therefore, please use our contact form.
Very important: It's only possible to merge orders if none of the orders has been shipped and if you have used the same payment method for all of the orders which you would like to merge.

Friendly hint: You have forgotten to order an item? Please do not place a new order and ask to combine it with the old one as this would delay the shipment of the order. Instead, please contact us as described above.

How can I cancel my order?

As long your order has not been shipped or prepared for shipping you can cancel it via our contact form.

Why didn't I receive my order/my parcel yet?

Once we have shipped your order you will receive an email with a tracking number. Please enter your tracking number into the DHL tracking system. If there is a delay of more than one week (within Germany) or more than 10 working days (EU) please use our contact form so we can check what the problem is. For deliveries outside of the EU there might be further delays which can be explained with delays at customs and in shipping.

Can I place my order online and pick up the goods in the retail store in Kronberg?

If you are a German resident and you'd like to pick up the order please proceed as follows:
  • Place an order online.
  • Select "bank transfer/payment in advance" as payment method, but please do not transfer the money.
  • Enter a comment into the comment box during the checkout saying "Ladenabholung".
  • Stocked goods will be reserved for you, goods which are not in stock will be backordered for you.
  • We will inform you once all goods are stocked and reserved for you.
  • Now you can pick up the order in our retail store in Kronberg with your order number.
Very important: The order is reserved for only 14 days. If you don't pick up the parcel within this period of time we will cancel the order automatically.

Are the prices in your retail store the same as online?

Yes, the prices in our retail store are the same as online.

What can I do if I am not at home for an extended period of time and the order is not shipped yet?

If your order could not be shipped immediately and you plan an extenden absence (for example a vacation) we offer you a possibility to postpone the shipping of your order. Therefore, please use our contact form to let us know when we should ship your order at the earliest. Important: We can only postpone the shipping for maximum one month.

Can I order items or spares that I can not find in your shop?

Many times it is possible for us to provide you with the item that you are looking for as long as we carry the manufacturer. Please use our contact form and let us know what you are looking for.


How can I pay?

These are the payment methods which we accept:
Delivery to countries outside of Germany:
  • Bank/wired transfer
  • Credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • Masterpass
  • Amazon Payments
  • PayPal
  • Payments via credit card or Masterpass will be charged directly after your order.
Cash on delivery is not possible outside of Germany. Here you can find more information regarding payment methods. Delivery to Germany:
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank/wired transfer
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • Masterpass
  • Direct debit: If you have already paid once via wired/bank transfer, logged in using your customer number aand password and the order value is not above 250 €
  • Financing by a bank: Goods worth more than 500€ can be financed through Santander Consumer Bank - subject to loan commitment by the bank. (Hinweis gem. § 5a III Nr. 2 UWG: Ein Angebot der Santander Consumer Bank AG, Santander-Platz 1, 41061 Mönchengladbach.)
  • In our Local retail store you can pay cash or with your EC or credit card. PayPal, cash on delivery or direct debit are not possible here.

German orders only: When will the direct debit take place?

We will only perform the direct debit once we have shipped the goods and you have received a shipment confirmation via email. To avoid delays please make sure that there is enough balance in your bank account.

Will I be informed that you have received my payment?

If you have selected bank/wired transfer to pay for your order, we will ship your order as soon as we received your payment, and all ordered items are in stock. We will not send a confirmation email once we received your payment.
If you have selected to pay via PayPal or Masterpass you will receive a confirmation of payment from PayPal or Masterpass directly. You will not receive a confirmation from our shop.

How can I send additional money once I have changed my order?

If you have paid your initial order via bank/wired transfer, PayPal, credit card or Masterpass you will receive an email with an updated order overview including payment instructions for the respective way of payment. For direct debit or cash on delivery (direct debit and cash on delivery only available in Germany) payments we will charge you with the correct amount automatically, you don't have to do anything. If you would like to pay the difference with a voucher please send us the voucher number via email.

What's your bank details?

IBAN: DE35 5004 0000 0481 7474 00 (copy&paste: DE35500400000481747400)
SWIFT-BIC: HELADEF1TSK Bank: Commerzbank (Frankfurt am Main)

In addition to this data you can see our bank details in every payment instructions which we send you once an additional payment is necessary.

What is your PayPal address?

Address: paypal@hibike.com
In addition to this data you can see our PayPal details in every payment instructions which we send you once an additional payment is necessary.

What is MasterPass?

MasterPass is a payment service offered by Mastercard, but you do not need a Mastercard to use it, it works with Visa, American Express, Mastercard and most other credit and debit card companies. First, please sign up for Masterpass at your bank, it is free. After that you can create a free Masterpass account where you can enter your credit card data to purchase goods in our shop and many other online shops.
Do you want to learn more about Masterpass? Go to Masterpass homepage...

What is Amazon Payments?

By using Amazon Payments you can pay with your Amazon data without creating an account or logging in. You can simply use the address book and payment security provided by your own Amazon account. Just select "Pay with Amazon" in your shopping cart to use this way of payment.

How do I receive the refund?

We will refund you the money the same way that you have paid. A gift voucher will be recharged so you can use it for your next order. The only exception is payment via cash on delivery (only availabke for deliveries to Germany), we will send you a collection only check or transfer the money to your bank account. In this case please enter your bank data in the return sheet.

How do I receive the difference once I have changed my order?

We will refund you the money the same way that you have paid. A gift voucher will be recharged so you can use it for your next order. For credit card, direct debit or cash on delivery (direct debit and cash on delivery only available in Germany) we will charge you with the correct amount automatically, no refund necessary.

Delivery and shipment

What is the shipping costs?

Shipping charges can be found in our shipping costs section.

Which shipping organisation does HIBIKE use??

We ship via DHL/Deutsche Post Premium parcel service only. All parcels are insured and trackable. The only exception is Italy. Shipments to Italy are performed by GLS or a forwarding company for bulky goods.

How fast do you ship my parcel?

Usually we ship the parcel on the same or next day of your order if everything is in stock. We work from Monday to Friday.

Is an express delivery possible?

Unfortunately we can not offer express deliveries of goods.

Will I receive a notification once my parcel has been shipped?

Once your parcel has been picked up by DHL/Deutsche Post we will send you an automatic email with a tracking number included to the email address which you have entered in the checkout process.

How will you deliver my bike?

We will mount and set up the bike. For shipping we will dismount the bike (usually we will just remove the front wheel, the seat post and turn the handle bar) and send it to you in a strong box.
Once you have received the bike you usually will just have to perform simple assembly actions such as mounting the front wheel, the seat post and pedals plus putting the handle bar straight. You will need regular sized allen keys and a flat 15mm wrench for the pedals. These tools are not included.
In addition to that you will only have to fine-tune the saddle position or the suspension according to your needs. If you should experience any problems during the set-up of the bike please (contact us).

I have ordered stocked and non-stocked items: Will I receive the complete order in one box?

Yes, we will ship your order once all items have come in stock. If you would like us to make a partial delivery please let us know, but bear in mind that we will have to ask you to pay for the second shipment as well.

How can I receive a partial delivery?

Please use our contact form if you would like us to split your order into multiple shipments, but bear in mind that we will have to ask you to pay for the second shipment as well. n Verbindung setzen.

Why can't I receive a small part in an envelope?

We can only ship goods in insured and trackable parcels, untrackable and uninsured shipments are not possible. As parcels cost the same amount of money up to 5kh of weight feel free to add more goods to make shipping charges more reasonable.

Returns and claims

How long may I return my goods?

Supplementary to your legal rights, we offer a voluntary 30 days return policy (30 days after your reception) given the products are returned unused and complete in their original packaging, packaging and accessories are in immaculate condition and no labels were removed.

How much is the return?

Deliveries outside of Germany can not be returned for free as long the returns are not caused by us, for example if the items arrive in bad condition or are not labeled correctly so you receive not what you have ordered.

Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label. You can of course use any carrier that you prefer as well. We will come up for the return if it is our fault that you have to return the parcel, for example in case of wrong labeled produrcts.

Can I exchange my goods?

Yes, you can exchange goods. The new shipment will be handled as a new order and is subject to a shipping fee. Therefore we recommend to place a new order and return the unwanted goods for a refund. It is faster, easier to handle and does not cost more. Please use our return portal.

How will I get back the money for my returned goods? Will the amount be set off with my new order?

If the order has been paid via bank transfer or PayPal we will set off the payment with the new order or refund the money to your bank or PayPal account. If the payment has been paid via credit card we will charge your card with the full amount for your new order and refund the total amount of returned goods to your credit card so the process stays seamless.

How can I return unwanted items?

Please do not remove any labels from the packaging or the product itself. The item must be unused and be returned in its original packaging. If you do not have the shipping box any longer please put at least paper around the original packaging or take any other box to put the original box inside. Otherwise we will have to charge you for wrong packaging as the original packaging can no longer be used. Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

Can I return my parcel with postage unpaid?

No, please do not return parcels unpaid. It is always cheaper to pay for the return, the charges for unpaid return shipping are very expensive. We will accept the returns, but we will have to charge you with the complete amount which we will be charged with. Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

Do I have to include the return form when I return my parcel?

Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

There was no invoice and no return form in my parcel, why?

You will find the invoice and the return information attached to the email with confirmation of shipping which also includes the tracking number. For the sake of the environment. To return your delivery please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

A wrong item has been delivered. What should I do?

If you think that you have received a wrong or defective item please get in touch with us via phone or via our contact form.

How can I claim a defective item?

You can claim a defective part via phone or via our contact form. Our service department will take care of your complaint.

Where do I have to ship my claimed goods?

In case of complaint (please get in touch with us first!) please send the goods to:
Abt. Service
Westerbachstraße 9
61476 Kronberg i.Ts. Germany
If you use our return portal you can print a DHL return label inculding the correct address.

I have entered a wrong/incomplete address, now you charge me with an additional amount. Why?

Our main carrier DHL/Deutsche Post charges us for returns if parcels can not be delivered due to wrong address. We therefore kindly request you to pay the amount and tell us the correct address so we can reship your order.

When will I know the status of my return?

Once we have finished dealing with your return we will inform you via email. Please note that we will not notify you separately once the return has arrived.

Can I return a part which was already mounted on my bike?

No, once you have mounted a part you can no longer return it as it is a used part then which we can no longer sell.

Can I return apparel which I have already worn?

No, you can not return worn apparel as we only accept returns of unused goods.

Can I exchange free items from a promotion? Do I have to return them if I return the promotional order? Why?

A free item which was received as the order was a promotional order can not be exchanged. If the total order value drops below the minimum order value eligible for the free item please return the free item as well, otherwise we will have to charge you with its current price.

How will I know if there is any product recall that might affect me?

If there is any product recall by a manufacturer listed in our shop we will of course inform you. Current recalls can be found at our homepage.

User account

What are the advantages of having a user account?

The most important advantage of having a user account is that you can check your stored address data and check the status of your order entering order number (starting with the year, e.g. 2015-4.......).
Therefore please log in using your HIBIKE username or your customer number (beginning with D......) and your password or your ZIP code. Additionally you can check your cart via your customer account and finalize your purchase.

Can I order without having a user account?

You are not yet a customer or you simply don't have the customer number at hand? No problem! just put the goods into your shopping cart and click on "continue w/o login". Fill in the requested data so your order can be submitted.

Where do I find my personal data?

You will see your personal data once you are logged in. Just click on "Edit user profile" to check your personal data.

Where can I find my customer number?

You can see your customer number in all invoices and order overviews which we have sent you via email.

I have moved, how can I change my address?

If you have moved within the same country please get in touch with us via phone or via our contact form so we can change your address. If you have moved in another country we can not just change the address due to tax reasons, in this case please open a new account.


How can I buy a gift voucher?

You can buy HIBIKE gift vouchers online here or in our retail store in Kronberg.

How can I encash a voucher?

To encash a HIBIKE voucher please enter the number on your gift voucher or the promotional code into the "voucher code" box in your shopping cart. Want to encash it locally in our retail store? Just bring it when you go to the pay desk.

What is the difference between promotional and gift vouchers?

An effective promotional voucher grants a limited time discount for a certain selection of goods. To receive vouchers once we launch limited time promotions please sign up for our newsletter. A gift voucher is a valid way of payment and has to be purchased in our shop.

Will the use of a gift voucher reduce the invoice total?

No. Gift vouchers are equivalent to other ways of payment, therefore the total amount is not affected by the use of gift vouchers. You will simply have to pay the difference between invoice total and voucher value if there is any.
By payments via PayPal or credit card the correct amount will be charged automatically. You will see the total invoice amount during the payment, but don't worry, you will only be charged with the correct reduced amount. Orders paid via wired/bank transfer: You will receive a correct request to pay, the voucher will already be accounted.

Financing (only for German residents!)

Welche Voraussetzungen gibt es, um meinen Einkauf finanzieren zu lassen (Warenkorbfinanzierung)?

Folgende Voraussetzungen müssen grundsätzlich erfüllt sein:
  • Volljährigkeit
  • Hauptwohnsitz in Deutschland
  • Verfügung über ein Girokonto bei einer Bank in Deutschland
  • Regelmäßiges Einkommen
  • Besitz eines gültigen Personalausweises oder Reisepasses mit Meldebescheinigung
  • Bei Nicht-EU-Bürgern sind weitere Nachweise, wie Aufenthalts- und Arbeitserlaubnis und eine
  • aktuelle Meldebescheinigung erforderlich
Ergänzende Informationen für Auszubildende und Studenten:
  • Eine Finanzierung für Studenten (max. 29 Jahre) ist bis zu einem Gesamtbetrag von € 1.200,- und einer Laufzeit von 24 Monaten möglich. Ein Immatrikulationsnachweis ist erforderlich.
  • Bei Auszubildenden darf der Gesamtbetrag max. € 1.000,- betragen (Voraussetzung: Mindestens im
  • 7. Ausbildungsmonat und wohnhaft bei den Eltern).

Wie funktioniert eine Warenkorbfinanzierung?

1. Die gewünschten Artikel in den Warenkorb legen und zur Kasse gehen. Dort als Zahlungsart „Finanzierung“ auswählen.
2. Die benötigten Daten in die entsprechenden Felder eingeben und den Antrag absenden. Deine vorläufige Kreditentscheidung wird dir sofort angezeigt.
3. Den Finanzierungsantrag bei einer positiven Entscheidung ausdrucken und unterzeichnen.
4. Gehe einfach mit
  • den unterschriebenen Finanzierungsunterlagen,
  • einer Kopie des aktuellen Einkommensnachweises
  • dem Personalausweis oder Reisepass (einschließlich Meldebescheinigung) sowie
  • dem Postident-Coupon
    zu einer Filiale der Deutschen Post AG und lasse dir dort von einem Mitarbeiter deine Identität (Legitimationsprüfung) bestätigen. Der Postident-Coupon liegt dem Finanzierungsantrag bei. Die Legitimation ist kostenfrei.
5. Voraussetzung ist eine abschließende positive Bewertung der Finanzierungsunterlagen sowie die Warenverfügbarkeit.

Wer ist die Santander Consumer Bank AG?

In Deutschland ist die Santander Consumer Bank AG die Nummer 1 im Konsumentenkreditgeschäft und seit mehr als 50 Jahren als servicestarker Finanzdienstleister im Bereich der Absatzfinanzierung von Konsumgütern tätig. Mit innovativen Produktideen und zeitgemäßen Finanzierungsprogrammen, konnte sich die Bank als Unternehmen und mit der Marke Santander weiter am Markt etablieren. Die Santander Consumer Bank AG hat in Deutschland über 7 Mio. Kunden. Weitere Informationen unter www.santander.de.

Kann ich mehr als einen Artikel finanzieren?

Ja, es wird der gesamte Warenkorb finanziert – Geschenkgutscheine ausgenommen.

Gibt es einen Mindest-Finanzierungsbetrag?

Ja, die Höhe des Warenkorbes (Finanzierungsbetrages) muss mindestens 500 € betragen.

Ist es erforderlich, dass Käufer und Darlehensnehmer identisch sind?

Ja, Käufer und Darlehensnehmer müssen identisch sein. Die Übereinstimmung wird mit der persönlichen Unterschrift unter dem Darlehensvertrag bestätigt.

Wann erhalte ich die bestellte Ware?

Sobald die Unterlagen bei der Santander Consumer Bank AG eingegangen sind, endgültig geprüft und als positiv bewertet wurden, wird die Ware (soweit vorrätig) versendet. Unter Berücksichtigung des Postlaufes ist eine Lieferfreigabe innerhalb von zwei Bankarbeitstagen möglich.


Why should I sign up for a newsletter?

Be the first to learn about HIBIKE's newest offers and sign up for the newsletter so you will never miss a red-hot offer again. In addition to that you will receive exclusive offers - for your newsletter subscribers only! To sign up just enter your email address in the newsletter box on the right side of our shop.

How can I unsubscribe from the HIBIKE newsletter?

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter you can unsubscribe any time. Just reply "UNSUBSCRIBE" to the newsletter and you will no longer receive it

Advertising and Sponsoring

Whom shall I contact if I'm interested to be sponsored by HIBIKE (German residents only)?

Du kannst uns deine Sponsoring-Anfrage gerne über das Kontaktformular zukommen lassen. Solltest du uns eine Sponsoring-Mappe in digitaler Form schicken wollen, kontaktiere uns bitte ebenso vorerst über das Kontaktformular, wir schicken dir dann eine E-Mail-Adresse, an die du deine Mappe schicken kannst. Was du für deine Sponsoring-Bewerbung beachten solltest, findest du hier.

Can I find you on Facebook?

Sure! HIBIKE has of course got an own Facebook page where you can find news, trends and hot offers. Stay in touch with us! To go to our Facebook page please click here.

Can I get free stickers, banners or other free goodies from you?

Unfortunately we can not put any free stickers or brochures into your parcels as we ship too many parcels every day and can not delay the shipping. Sorry! If you would like to purchase stickers please take a look at our sticker selection.


What does "bulk" and "retail" mean?

These descriptions refer to different packaging variantes of the same article.
  • Retail packaging means the regular, official packaging by the manufacturer.
  • Bulk packaging means that we have bought this product not in single but in a bulk packing. The advantage of this being that we can forward a much better price to our customers. The scope of supply may vary, if this is the case it will be clearly stated in the description of the item, otherwise it is identical to the retail packaging.

Is there a printed catalog?

Unfortunately, we don't have one. The sheer mass of articles plus dynamic prices won't allow for catalogs valid for more time than a few days. You can find our full assortment of goods in our online shop with live availability information and up-to-date prices.

How can I let you know if I have found a mistake in the description of an item?

Please click on the "devil head" in the lower section of the item description and let us know what is wrong. Thank you for helping us!
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