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Long-sleeve cycling jersey: Makes not only sense in winter

A long-sleeve cycling jersey should not go missing in your basic equipment, may you be an MTB or a road biker. There are long-sleeve summer jerseys as well as also winter jerseys for cycling. The long sleeves make the jersey a good choice already at slightly cool temperatures as well as in the time of change. Since the fresh mountain wind in the alps can howl rather unpleasantly even in high summer. Cycling jerseys with wind-deflecting materials on the front (front protection) are great, they protect you from the airstream from the front while they have more lofty inserts on the back. You like to ride when there is snow and ice? At really cold temperatures, you should use a winter jersey and/or thermal jersey. They keep the body cosily warm through their slightly brushed inside without the athlete running the risk of overheating at strain. Windproof wind stopper jerseys are also a good choice for the cold season of the year. It is immensely important to protect the body from cooling at cold weather conditions. Often, long-sleeve jerseys offer continuous zippers, which already remind one of a jacket. But such jerseys with windproof inserts are much lighter than an equivalent wind stopper or soft shell jacket would be. Also, terms such as bike jersey or jersey long sleeve are common terms for long-sleeve cycling jerseys. Mostly, these variants are a bit looser. Those who do not necessarily like close-fitting will more likely choose the downhill jerseys / freeride jerseys. Whether light, thin men's jersey with long sleeves or a long-sleeve women's cycling jersey for the winter, here in the shop, you'll for sure find the right piece for your requirements.

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