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Bike protection sets and plastic mudguards

Mudguards for bikes are used at the front (above the front wheel) as well as the rear (above the rear wheel). Their role: Their shape protects the rider and his bike from flying mud, dirt and water. Besides the traditional screw-on mudguards, used more in the city and for trekking and town bikes, there are also many quick assembly plastic mudguards for sports use in rough terrain. These are preferred by mountain bikers and cross bikers, because they can be quickly mounted onto a bike in the event of bad weather and can be easily removed again. SKS is the market leader with it's Shockboards and Dashboards or it's different Blade types. All types of mudguards are sometimes referred to as "fenders" or "defenders", sometimes the term "dirtboard" is used by some manufacturers of MTB mudguards. Whether 28" road bikes or 26 or 29 inch MTB, there is a suitable mudguard solution. Whether your mountain bike has pure or classical mudguards made from stainless steel with fixed screws or modest plastic, you don't need to worry about looks. Whoever wants an all-round solution, can choose from mudguard parts for the front and rear wheel.
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