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Sigma Sport Aura 25 LED első lámpa fekete

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Sigma Sport Aura 25 LED első lámpa fekete 10,57€ 82791584
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The cheap entry light

The battery-powered front light AURA 25 is approved StVZO and brings with 25 lux sufficient light and improved visibility for your evening tours of the city. A good 30 meters wide, the low-priced bicycle lights with a harmonious light core and side zone, thus ensuring more safety in traffic.

Simple battery change

The lamp is powered by standard 2 x AA batteries, which are included. The batteries can also be easily exchanged on the go and without tools.


In standard mode, the illumination duration of the AURA 25 is at least 5 hours. In Ecomodus it is even 7 hours.

battery indicator

The AURA 25 has a single-stage battery indicator, which provides information about the remaining battery capacity. With less than 30% remaining capacity, the button will light up red.

Easy attachment

Thanks to the integrated silicone holder, the AURA 25 can be mounted on the handlebars without tools and removed again. Also, handlebars with 35 mm diameter or oval handlebar shapes pose no problem.


  • Adjustable bracket horizontal
  • Unifit 22-32mm
  • Tool-free installation
  • Switch-on protection Double-click for ON
  • Charging indicator 2-stage (battery indicator)
  • Weight: 70g (incl. Bracket, without batteries)

Technical specification

specification description
Type headlight
Roadworthiness approval Yes
material plastic
Lamp Osram LED
luminosity 25/15 lux
Lighting range 30m
Lighting time 6.5h / 7h
lightmodes 2 (standard / ECO)
charging time 4.5h
Bracket / attachment silicone holder
Power supply / connection charging socket 2x AA alkaline battery
waterproof IPX4
Weight 70g (incl. Holder)


  • 1 x Sigma Sport Aura 25 LED front light (see item description for details)
  • 2 x AA alkaline battery

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