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Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 1X nyeregcső Travel: fekete, Remotekar 1X: MatchmakerX links (MMX bilincs)

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Gyártói szám
30.9x340mm, Travel: 100mm 316,54€ 32633929
30.9x390mm, Travel: 125mm 316,54€ 32633930
30.9x440mm, Travel: 150mm 290,18€ 32633931
30.9x480mm, Travel: 170mm 290,18€ 32633932
31.6x340mm, Travel: 100mm 298,72€ 32633933
31.6x390mm, Travel: 125mm 288,04€ 32633934
31.6x440mm, Travel: 150mm 290,18€ 32633935
31.6x480mm, Travel: 170mm 290,18€ 32633936
34.9x340mm, Travel: 100mm 299,89€ 32633937
34.9x390mm, Travel: 125mm 288,04€ 32633938
34.9x440mm, Travel: 150mm 290,18€ 32633939
34.9x480mm, Travel: 170mm 299,89€ 32633940
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The Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 1X Vario Seatpost with Connectamajig

Do not let your familiar look dazzle you - the Reverb 1X is a completely new weapon. This is the brand new reverb for the next generation mountain bike, with the 1X Matchmaker X remote lever for the left side. The 1X lever is even more ergonomic in the hand and is even easier to use than the previous remote lever. In addition, the 1X lever in a fall more robust than its predecessor, unfortunately, a few grams heavier. (21g)

Highlights of the Reverb Stealth 1X Dropper Post by Rock Shox

  • New 1X lever
  • Inside with SKF floating piston
  • Better performance and higher durability in every situation
  • Large overlap of plain bearing bushes
  • Special length of the seatpost after stroke

Technical specifications

characteristic specification
mass from approx. 581 g (indication of weight with 340 mm long seat post, 30.9 mm diameter, 100 mm stroke)
length 340 mm, 390 mm, 440 mm, 480 mm
To dye black
Material shank 3D forged aluminum 7050
Material head Forged aluminum 7050
offset 0mm
remote Control Handlebar adjustable reset speed / MatchMaker ™ X, left

Rock Shox Reverb technology

With Connectamajig, installing the hydraulic hose inside the frame becomes child's play when mounting the seatpost. Thus, the hose can be disconnected and reconnected several times before venting is necessary. The Reverb Stealth is available with the hydraulic quick release with Connectamajig technology for cable and remote control.


  • 1x Rock Shox "Reverb 1X" Vario seat post, black (see item name for model)
  • Remote control "1X" with Matchmaker X clamp incl. Cable with Connectamajig (execution see article name)
  • Bleeding kit with 2 syringes
  • Oil 2.5 WT 120 ml
  • hose fitting
  • Torx angle key T10 / T25

The specified delivery date is a provisional one. The appointment is not binding.

Tested in the EMTB 02/17
Test result: VERY GOOD
Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 1X nyeregcső 30.9x340mm, Travel: 100mm, fekete, Remotekar 1X: MatchmakerX links (MMX bilincs)

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