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Mudhugger Márka üzlet

About Mudhugger

Mudhugger mudguards

Not only in Germany but especially in the rainy United Kingdom - more precisely, the West Midlands - adverse weather conditions can turn a great bike ride into a frustrating affair. If you are "in the mud" from top to bottom, the joy of biking can be over quickly.

The same thing happened to the guys from Mudhugger when, after a wild downhill ride in 2012, they had to sit outside their favorite pub once again because the owner did not want to let them in when mud covered. Frustrated by this experience, a few rivets, alu pieces and an old fender went to crafts - and so, after they found that this worked really well, the first Mudhugger was born.

Fenders have been around for a while, of course. But if they slip as usual, collect the mud and hold on until nothing rolls or just fall off, they do not help you either. The fact that the Mudhugger is attached to the seatstays avoids these problems.

After four years there was already a suitable fender for everyone, from 26 "over 650B and 29" to Fatbikes.

All mudguards are made from recycled plastic in the UK. So you can stay longer on the trail even in adverse weather conditions and still feel comfortable. That will pay off at the next downhill or enduro race at the latest!

From now on, it is no longer "how is the weather?". But: "It's raining? Let's go!".

Márkaboltunkban Mudhugger

Márkaboltunkban Mudhugger- megtalálhatja Összes 6 különböző termékeket verhetetlen áron szerte a világban
  • matricák
  • sárvédők és huzatok
  • sárvédők és huzatok tartozékok/kiegészítők
  • Schutzbleche Spritzschutz
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