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Hamax Observer gyermekülés Front 2019 Modell

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Greatest possible proximity to your child on the first bike tours

The Observer is a front-mounted seat that allows you to ride your child safely and comfortably from earliest age on bike rides. A solid mounting bracket is attached to the steerer tube. The front-mounted seat Observer can then be attached to the bracket ("click" mounting). By pressing the release button, the seat can be easily removed from the bike. The optional windscreen can be attached and removed in the same way.


  • Front mounted child bike seat
  • Windscreen protects against wind, rain and insects while cycling
  • One-hand operation of safety belt and footrests
  • Compact - gives father or mother enough space to pedal and descend between the saddle and the front-mounted seat
  • Innovative mounting ensures easy attachment and detachment of seat and windscreen
  • Design according to the rear mounted Caress seat
  • For children from 9 months up to 15 kg

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Seatbelt and footrests adjustable
All Hamax child seats for bicycles are designed to "grow" with the child. An adjustable seat belt and adjustable footrests are included. The bicycle child seat can be easily attached to the bike and dismantled. An additional bracket allows you to easily move the child seat from one bike to another. Hamax recommends that the child should always wear a helmet when using a child bike seat.


  • 1 x Hamax Observer child seat front (see item description for details)

product video

Hamax Observer gyermekülés Front grey/red 2019 Modell
Hamax Observer gyermekülés Front grey/hwite/black 2019 Modell
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