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FSA eltávolító szerszám für BB-30 csapágy Basic

4,79 €
6,83 €helyett

Ausbauwerkzeug BB-30 MTB Basic

  • zum Ausbauen von MTB BB-30 Lagern
  • für die Heimwerkstatt geeignet
Ár küldésekor Magyarország; + szállítási ktg.
FSA eltávolító szerszám für BB-30 csapágy Basic
Termékszám: 94310027 || EAN/UPC: 4712123808734  || Gyártói szám: 230-5011
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Allen wrench, pliers, chain tool and the like

Bicycle tools from Park Tool or Pedro's can be found in any good specialist workshop, which confirms the high quality of these tools. Some of the tools are also useful for hobby mechanics to do minor repairs and properly maintain their bikes. In addition to the standard tools, we also offer all the special tools for setting up your bicycle to the highest quality standards. The standard equipment includes e.g. a tire lever or an Allen wrench & open-end spanner set that every hobby workshop should have. Torque wrenches ensure that all the parts get assembled correctly and are especially important in the lightweight construction sector, otherwise it can easily become expensive. A chain tool or chain lock pliers to change the bicycle chain are tools you should have handy as well. Milling cutters, saws, a tool to drive in star nuts or press-in tools are more specific. Truing stands are also better suited for ambitious mechanics who know their stuff. Bleeding kits are also essential for maintenance and service of bicycle brake systems as well as height-adjustable seat posts with hydraulic control. If you're a novice in that field, we advise you to let a professional workshop handle the maintenance of brake systems. Tip: Our product filter at the top right allows you to filter all the tools by area of use. This will restrict the selection to tools for brakes, suspension forks & shocks or bring up Allen / Torx wrenches, for example.
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