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Cold feet? Not with our top models!
The snow and free­zing tem­pera­tures are here. If you don't have warm winter shoes for bi­king yet, you should have a look at our se­lec­tion. North­wave Rap­tor, Specia­lized De­fros­ter, Mavic Cross­max Win­ter, Shi­mano SH-­MW or the Bon­tra­ger OMW will keep your feet warm! Go to winter shoes…
from 120,17 €
Test: The new Shimano SH-GR9 flat shoe
Brand new and already tested by us! Super grip with Miche­lin® sole, asym­metri­cal ankle pro­tec­tion and wa­ter-­repel­lent upper. You can read in our BLOG re­port… how enthu­si­astic we are about the flat version of the new Gra­vity shoes. Now avai­lable from us! To the SH-GR9 shoes…
127,96 €
New models! The 2018 collection
For SIDI fans it is like music in their ears. They have pro­mising names like Dra­gon 4, Domi­nator, Eagle 7 or Ge­nius 7. Yes, the SIDI 2018 mo­dels are avai­lable and we al­ready have some in stock for you. Dis­cover the new SIDI col­lec­tion of racing bike & MTB shoes…
from 154,64 €
Artist-Series: Aireator models
We have two models of the De­Feet Artist series for you! White-­green stripes (designed by Handle­bar Mus­tache) or in blue wave look, ins­pired by the Blue Ridge Moun­tain range (de­signed by Matt Haw­kins).
Get your socks on…
16,00 €

Buy MTB and road bike shoes online with a large selection to choose from

A road biker needs a race shoe, this is quite clear. The mountain biker has got a lot more choices. The type of mountain bike shoes which you will choose is dependent on your intended use, but that is not necessarily the purchasing emphasis. For example, some trail riders prefers the solid clipless contact with his bike for more support and the pedalling efficiency in each terrain, others feel completely nailed and constricted if they cannot get off the pedal ad hoc, which then can very quickly turn into insecurity. The following are some details which might help you in deciding which shoes to buy:

Clipless mountain bike shoes or flat pedal ones

Are you using clipless MTB shoes, which offer you a fixed connection with your bike at any time or are you a lover of MTB flat pedal shoes? Loose, relaxed flat pedal shoes also offer a good grip for the pins of the flat pedal variant thanks to their softer sole. They are the more popular version with all-mountain bikers, downhill and free riders and appear more like a leisure shoe in sneaker shape. Some MTB shoes also offer additional studs which can be screwed on or taken off. This supplements the already coarse sole additionally and gives your foot a better grip.

Differences to the road bike shoe

The difference between MTB and clipless road bike shoes is based on the different pedal shapes for mountain and road bikes. You can recognize the difference in the shoe soles right away. An MTB shoe provides more profile so that the foot has always a good grip even off road when walking. When looking at the road bike shoes for the road, the relatively flat sole catches the attraction right away, and the plate is screwed underneath with 3 screw openings while a small piece has been "inserted" into the sole of the MTB shoe owing to an existing recess and fastened with 4 screws.

Purchase a large selection of cycling shoes low priced online

Stiff sole for optimal force transmission

The controversial "perfect pedal stroke" (if it at all exists) has to be exercised for an optimal force transmission. Thanks to the clipless system, you can transmit your power not only by pressing the pedals but also by pulling (pulling and pressing movement). That is why one usually looks for an especially stiff sole of the shoes which supports the force transmission. For MTB or road bike racing shoes the stiffness of the sole is an important purchasing argument, which makes them appear uncomfortable for inexperienced users. The contrary, for example, are softer all-mountain shoes, which are chosen in order to be able to master one or another carrying passage comfortably on foot at the next alpine trip or the next trip to an alpine cabin.

Do not forget bike socks and overshoes

No matter whether all-weather, winter, light race shoes or touring shoes. It applies to all of them: Make sure that your shoe precisely fits to your foot. Otherwise pressure and chafing marks will be responsible for longer tours becoming an agony. When you try them on, you have to wear the socks which you will be wearing on your bike tours, and do not necessarily test the fit in the early morning hours, more like in the course of the day when the feet might be a little swollen. No matter if you need a professional biker shoe or a comfortable leisure model, or MX boots, you will find a quite large selection in the shop, for a better overview sorted into categories and there will be models affordable for everyone. From more favourably priced models to expensive professional shoes from top brands. You will even find replacement shoe buckles or insoles for your bike shoes if you look for them under spare parts. The matching summer or winter socks for bike riding are offered as well as are overshoes for bike shoes. Overshoes should not be missing in any bike wardrobe, since especially when the temperature and the weather do not exactly stand on the sunny side, additional overshoes will keep your feet warm and dry.

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