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FOR.BICY has revolutionized cycling underpants. Style, comfort and practical everyday life - this is the best way to describe FOR.BICY. FOR.BICY is not interested in seasonal trends, they just offer cycling underwear ideally suited for everyday wear - anytime. Whether a businessman on the way to work or a weekend rider. The underpants are characterized by great wearing comfort, breathability and antibacterial processing. In addition, they dry quickly. The shorts are made seamlessly, especially at those places that bother the cyclist. That guarantees for best wearing comfort. It is also impressive that the gel pad of the seating area can be easily inserted and removed. The upholstery has been specially developed for this purpose. A really smart idea for commuters and professionals. We offer a selection of FOR.BICY underpants in our shop at

FOR.BICY is an Italian clothing brand. The head office is in Asola in Lombardy (Italy).

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