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Syntace C3 csipesz Triathlon-kormány black

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M 218,78€ 33600827
L 218,78€ 33600828
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Double Helix Bend
15 Years of Evolution Instead of Short-lived "Hau-Jerk" Solutions a` la S-Bend, Straight Bend. Too much overstretched wrists, as they are these "new" Griffhandhaltungen own, unfortunately not only produce fatigue, but also an over the arms to the upper back going tension, which is so high that the driver inevitably the back stronger upward bulges. The result: in addition to a higher basal metabolic rate also a deterioration of the aerodynamics. The new Syntace C3 provides without your personal Dazutun for a "fast", flat back and a super energy-saving upper body posture.

Better pedal pressure
The new C3 shape allows even more pressure on the pedals than the Syntace C2 and SLS models, which have been ergonomically undisputed for 15 years. The palm supports, which are guided directly under the wrists at an angle of about 20 ° downwards, and the subsequent biomechanically optimized grips again produce exactly the tension that reaches up to the upper arms and - as used by Syntace - automatically provides a force-saving return for high Pedal pressure offers.

Not enough:
The famous half-length posture of the Syntace C2 aerobar has also clearly won through the new C3 Double Helix Bend. Due to the changed angles, the bow, which is a bit further forward, nestles so perfectly in your hand and your sequence of movements that you will ask yourself ... why not already? Even the softened compromise called S-Bend is now superfluous, because now faster driving is accompanied by the legendary Syntace comfort: Much more relaxed than with all other aerobars. Not least because of the often copied and never achieved, perfectly balanced weight support on the Syntace Bio Wings.

  • Weights 348 g (S), 366 g (M), 378 g (L),
  • Sizes S (up to approx. 1.70 m), M (approx. 1.70 m-1.82 m), L (from approx. 1.82 m),
  • Clamping Ø 31.8 mm
  • Width adjustment 84 mm
  • Color raceblack

Syntace C3 csipesz M Triathlon-kormány black

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