SRAM Red 22 hátsó váltó 11 sebességes Cage (Max. Zähne) szürke/fekete

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11-speed SRAM RED®22 WiFLi rear derailleur

It takes a great passion for the sport to fully appreciate SRAM RED. This blurs the boundaries between man and machine. The SRAM RED rear derailleur incorporates SRAM's Exact Actuation technology for precise, efficient shifting. Carbon, titanium and ceramic bearings complete the system.


  • Gears: 11
  • Material: carbon cages, inner parallelogram arm made of carbon, small parts made of titanium
  • Weight: 145g (short) 165g (Mid)
  • AeroGlide Pulleys ™
  • Exact Actuation ™ circuit for fast and accurate shifting
  • Compatible with 11-speed SRAM
  • More room for cassettes with 28 teeth thanks to longer articulated arm
  • Silent circuit with optimized AeroGlide ™ roller blades and ceramic bearings
  • Adjusting screw attached to the spring
  • Inconspicuous titanium clamping screw for minimal weight


specification description
colour n / A
courses 11-
camp ceramics
Max. teeth 28 teeth or 32 teeth (depending on variant)

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.


This technology helps to create a simpler and more stable balance between derailleur suspension design, tight sprocket spacing, and accurate tension. The result: a switching system with child-friendly operation that you set once and never again.

AeroGlide scraper rolls or Pulleys ™

A pulley tooth design with sound-absorbing effect ensures an unforgettable and trouble-free ride. The lower and upper pulleys benefit from this feature.

WiFLi ™: Wider, Faster, Lighter

Wider : a larger translation width

Faster : two chainrings in the front and 11-speed in the rear, creating a wider range of gears than with conventional triple chainrings, and thanks to the two chainrings and 11 gears, it enables faster shifting and significantly reduced weight.

Lighter : lighter than 3-speed road bike components


  • 1 x SRAM Red 22 Rear Derailleur 11-speed Cage (see item description for details)
Red 22 short 28 Zähne)
Termékszám: 54209133 || EAN/UPC: 710845778643  || Gyártói szám: 00.7518.084.000
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Red 22 mid 32 Zähne)
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SRAM Red 22 hátsó váltó 11 sebességes short Cage (Max. 28 Zähne) szürke/fekete

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