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Rock Shox teleszkóp All Travel távtartó gyűrű

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Gyártói szám
Boxxer Race 39,20€ 22630363
Solo Air/Dual Air diverse villa 11,22€ 22637004
Dual Air Reba/Revelation/Pike 10,00€ 12639046
Solo Air Recon/30 arany/30 ezüst/XC 32/XC30/Paragon 15,03€ 32632323
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Travel adjustment for all Rock Shox forks with Dual Air and many cheaper / older forks with Solo Air

Forks with Dual Air and some older or cheaper Solo Air forks are grazed with spacers.

Traveln with spacers

The spacers prevent the fork from completely springing out - more spacers = less suspension travel. This simple principle works with all Dual Air forks and Solo Air forks, where pressure equalization takes place via a valve in the main piston. This construction is found on older and cheaper forks.

To insert or remove spacers, the lower part must be removed from the uprights and the Lutffedereinheit removed from the standpipe. When assembling the fork must of course be re-lubricated. We are happy to help you with the right lubricant and quantities for your fork.

Incidentally, the fork length changes by the same amount as the travel - 1cm more spacer means 1cm less travel and 1cm less installation height, etc ..

The air chamber size is reduced by more spacers, so that the characteristic remains approximately the same. The addition of tokens is therefore not necessary (and mostly not possible with these forks).


  • travel adjustment
  • Installation requires partial disassembly and relubrication of the fork


Rock Shox All Travel Spacer

worth mentioning

Please direct yourself in compatibility issues only after the manufacturer number, not after the possibly incomplete or too general article designations!

Unfortunately we can not keep up with more than 4000 Rock Shox spare parts if a single spare part is suddenly compatible with another fork or that a spare part "for Reba" just fits for the first series and not one of the two later ones.

Contact us at for your questions about Rock Shox parts - we also have a large collection of current and older parts catalogs, oil level documents and service manuals. To identify your fork or damper, it's best to send meaningful photos. Due to the time required we can offer this service only by email and not by phone.


  • 1 x Rock Shox All Travel Spacer (see item description for details)
Rock Shox teleszkóp All Travel távtartó gyűrű Boxxer Race
Rock Shox teleszkóp All Travel távtartó gyűrű Solo Air/Dual Air diverse villa

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