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Rock Shox Paragon arany TK Solo Air 28'' teleszkóp 1 1/8" QR fekete-fényes 2017 Modell

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(disc only) 65mm 187,73€ 22637948
(canti) 50mm 198,40€ 22637947
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The Rock Shox Paragon Trekking suspension fork

There is a new discovery waiting around every corner. Every kilometer brings a new panorama. A smell, an unexpected feeling. A fleeting moment that increases your thirst for adventure. With the right trekking suspension you'll be able to experience many more such moments, thanks to technologies for more efficiency and comfort over even longer distances.

The suspension fork PARAGON combines the first-class performance and features that mountain bikers have come to expect from RockShox, and now features a specially designed 700c trekking design. At the heart of the new PARAGON is their ability to rob asphalt and gravel tracks of their danger. Less vibration is transmitted to the driver, which increases the comfortable trekking scope. Thanks to our lightweight, continuously adjustable Solo Air spring, the rider can customize the fork to suit his personal preferences. Together with the adjustable lockout during the ride for those much-anticipated asphalt sections of your trail, the PARAGON Trekking makes a clever child's play.

The sophisticated design combines a unique light fitting on the suspension fork clamp with special mounts on the mudguard and on the rim / brake disc, which are integrated into the fork legs. Even the cabling of the Dynamo runs invisibly and protected under a smart integrated cover along the fork leg.


  • Application: Trekking, e-bike
  • Spring system: Solo Air
  • Attenuation: TurnKey Lockout
  • Travel: 50 or 65mm
  • Steerer: aluminum
  • Stanchions: 30mm, aluminum
  • Crown: forged aluminum
  • Down tube: magnesium, disc brake or rim and disc brakes
  • Weight: 1827g
  • Max. Permissible disc brake size: 180mm
  • Max. Tire size 45mm


  • 1 x Rock Shox Paragon Gold TK Solo Air 28 '' Fork 1 1/8 '' QR Mod. 2017 (see item description for details)
Rock Shox Paragon arany TK Solo Air 28 teleszkóp (disc only) 65mm 1 1/8" QR fekete-fényes 2017 Modell
Rock Shox Paragon arany TK Solo Air 28 teleszkóp (canti) 50mm 1 1/8" QR fekete-fényes 2017 Modell

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