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Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak 2020 Modell

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Gyártói szám
MIPS S (51-55cm) highlight yellow/black 2020 100,51€ 81715320
MIPS M (55-59cm) highlight yellow/black 2020 100,51€ 81715321
MIPS L (59-63cm) highlight yellow/black 2020 100,51€ 81715322
MIPS M (55-59cm) matte citron/white 2020 100,51€ 81715328
Méret L (59-63cm) matte citron/white 100,51€ 81715329
MIPS M (55-59cm) matte black 2020 102,80€ 81715324
MIPS L (59-63cm) matte black 2020 102,80€ 81715325
MIPS M (55-59cm) matte black/bright red 2020 102,80€ 81715339
MIPS M (55-59cm) matte white/ezüst 2020 102,80€ 81715335
MIPS L (59-63cm) matte white/ezüst 2020 102,80€ 81715336
MIPS XL (61-65cm) matte white/ezüst 2020 102,80€ 81715337
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The Giro Syntax Mips road bike helmet

The Syntax ™ MIPS® combines a touch of European flair with high-performance features - all in a very slim design. The outer shell is molded from a resistant polycarbonate and permanently fused with the EPS foam liner thanks to its In-Mold ™ construction process. This increases the durability and guarantees ventilation without excess volume. The fit is luxurious and secure thanks to its highly adjustable Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS system, which allows you to adjust the fit to ensure high stability and comfort in the long run. Another MIPS is integrated, which provides additional protection against rotational forces in the event of an oblique impact.


  • CoolFit ™ anti-microbial pad
  • Complete hardbody shell
  • Lightweight padding with Slimline ™ Buckle
  • MIPS
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS
  • 25 vents with air channels
  • Weight: 260g (M)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

In the In-Mold construction, the robust polycarbonate outer shell is glued to the impact-absorbing EPS inner shell in one step. The helmet becomes tougher without any additional weight. This production process also makes it possible to form significantly better ventilation systems and ventilation openings. In-mold helmets are, compared to traditional helmets, lighter and have significantly better ventilation systems.

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) MIPS is a sliding plane system within the helmet, which was developed to slow down or prevent the amount of energy that is transmitted to or from the head.

Roc Loc® 5
The new benchmark in fitting systems is undoubtedly the Roc Loc® 5 fitting system. The adjustment mechanism is in a mini housing, the size adjustment is easy and in micro grids with two fingers. The height of the system can also be adjusted to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly.

Wind Tunnel ™
Wind Tunnel ™ ventilation is Giro's proprietary system of internal channels and active vents that channel cool, fresh air over and around your head, squeezing out the exhausting heat and stale air. A difference that you can see and feel - on every trip.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Giro Syntax Mips road bike helmet (see item description for details)
Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak Méret S (51-55cm) highlight yellow/black 2020 Modell
Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak Méret M (55-59cm) matte citron/white 2020 Modell
Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak Méret M (55-59cm) matte black 2020 Modell
Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak Méret M (55-59cm) matte black/bright red 2020 Modell
Giro Syntax MIPS országúti sisak Méret M (55-59cm) matte white/ezüst 2020 Modell

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