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Giro SIV rövid

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Gyártói szám
országúti kerékpár-kesztyű XS frost/charcoal 2018 14,94€ 81714039
országúti-kesztyű Méret XS black 18,04€ 81710625
országúti-kesztyű Méret S black 18,04€ 81710626
országúti-kesztyű Méret M black 18,04€ 81710627
országúti-kesztyű Méret L black 18,04€ 81710628
országúti-kesztyű Méret XL black 18,04€ 81710629
országúti-kesztyű Méret XXL black 18,04€ 81710630
országúti-kesztyű Méret XS bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713046
országúti-kesztyű Méret S bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713047
országúti-kesztyű Méret M bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713048
országúti-kesztyű Méret L bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713049
országúti-kesztyű Méret XL bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713050
országúti-kesztyű Méret XXL bright red/stripe 16,97€ 81713051
országúti-kesztyű Méret XS white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713052
országúti-kesztyű Méret S white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713053
országúti-kesztyű Méret M white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713054
országúti-kesztyű Méret L white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713055
országúti-kesztyű Méret XL white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713056
országúti-kesztyű Méret XXL white titánium/stripe 21,24€ 81713057
országúti-kesztyű Méret XS matte citron green 26,67€ 81715618
országúti-kesztyű Méret S matte citron green 26,67€ 81715619
országúti-kesztyű Méret M matte citron green 26,67€ 81715620
országúti-kesztyű Méret L matte citron green 26,67€ 81715621
országúti-kesztyű Méret XL matte citron green 26,67€ 81715622
országúti-kesztyű Méret XXL matte citron green 26,67€ 81715623
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Retro glove by Giro

At first glance, the SIV glove is a review of a time when gloves were really easy. But under the hood is a thoroughly modern glove with a perforated nylon mesh upper cut to wrap the hand like a second skin, and a tailored Super Fit microfiber inner surface for improved grip and control , It's a timeless combination that definitely enhances a classic design.


  • Moisture absorbing
  • breathable 4-way stretch net material
  • highly absorbent surface (thumb) made of microfibre
  • flat Velcro® closure


  • 1 pair of Giro SIV road bike gloves short (see item description for details)

SIV - retro style with modern performance

At first glance, the Siv ™ looks like it came from a time when cycling gloves were still very simple. At a second glance, you can see the modern: super breathable mesh upper that adapts to the hand like a second skin, and the Super Fit ™ microfiber palm for best grip and steering control. The perfect timeless combination of function, comfort and design.


  • Back made of moisture wicking, breathable 4-way stretch mesh
  • Palm made of microfiber synthetic leather with highly absorbent surface (thumb) made of microfibre
  • EVA insoles as upholstery
  • Flat Velcro closure
  • V strengthened pull-on and pull-out tab
  • Super Fit ™ 3-piece
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


specification description
Available sizes S; M; L; XL; XXL
Material palm 92% polyester; 8% spandex
material feed  
Application (s) racer
gender Men's

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.


The Super Fit ™ sizing system is the foundation of Giro's product design and development process. Giro's many years of experience in the field of helmet construction make it possible to draw on a vast amount of measurement data from a wide variety of head and face shapes during development. After a wide variety of intensive tests in Giross laboratories, the product undergoes further hard practical tests and is put through its paces by the team riders. This is followed by an optimization until a maximum of fit and comfort is achieved. Of course, compromises in terms of quality and functionality are not made - this is what Giro understands by the Super Fit ™ system.


The unique 3-piece palm construction does not interfere with the movements of the hand in any way and protects the palm against pressure points with the fullest handlebar control. The 3-part palm construction makes giro gloves so comfortable and comfortable that you forget right after you put them on, that you wear them.


  • 1 x Giro Gloves SIV (see item description for details)

product video

Giro SIV országúti kerékpár-kesztyű rövid Méret XS frost/charcoal 2018 Modell
Giro SIV országúti-kesztyű rövid Méret XS black
Giro SIV országúti-kesztyű rövid Méret XS bright red/stripe
Giro SIV országúti-kesztyű rövid Méret XS white titánium/stripe
Giro SIV országúti-kesztyű rövid Méret XS matte citron green

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