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Formula féktárcsa floating Centerlock

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2-piece Formula brake disc with Centerlock

2-piece brake disc with aluminum core for better cooling.

The 2-piece rotor features an aluminum carrier that can do more than look good. The aluminum core acts as a cooling and pulls the heat away from the caliper. The braking power is increased by cooling the brake pads and the brake fluid. In addition, the lateral stiffness of the disc is increased by the aluminum carrier and the movement of the steel brake surface is separated from the hub.

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

brake discs
The 1-piece disc is Formulas standard for all riding styles and has the same aggressive braking surface as the two-piece rotor. The "ventilation design" increases the lateral stiffness by 40%, which reduces vibration and noise.

The 2-piece brake discs have an aluminum carrier that does more than just look good. The aluminum core acts as a heat sink and pulls heat away from the caliper. This increases the braking power by cooling the brake pads and the brake fluid. The carrier also increases the lateral stiffness and allows the expansion and contraction of the steel braking surface to be directed 90 degrees away from the hub.


  • 1 x Formula disc brake floating centerlock (see item description for details)

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