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Assos T.milleShorts s7 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid (mille S7-ülepbetét) blackSeries

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M 106,62€ 95235755
XXXL (TIR) 106,62€ 95235757
XXL (XLG) 106,62€ 95235759
XS 106,62€ 95235760
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The short Assos T.milleShorts_s7 bib shorts for men

At ASSOS 'headquarters in southern Switzerland, every day, ASSOS works to create cycling clothing that suits you just as well as the ASSOS team itself. At the heart of the business is the passion for sport that unites us all: cycling. The T.milleShorts_s7 came from this passion. You're a great, powerful all-rounder that has everything you need to cycle faster and further, whether you're looking at the finish line or a specific view. These bib shorts are part of the pioneering S7 generation and offer fewer seams, improved support and abrasion-resistant fabric. However, the real beauty of these cycling shorts lies in their simplicity. The wider-cut waist of the comfortFit-fitted T.MilleShorts_s7 is soft yet supportive. Thus, they are ideal both for relaxed bike rides and commuting as well as for faster laps. They feature a lightweight, quick-drying and breathable Mille pad with ASSOS Waffle technology and the friction-reducing goldenGate technology that allows the pad to move with the rider. For a fleeting moment, these shorts are like an entry-level accessory. Nevertheless, they will convince you with a performance that allows you to give everything on the go. `

How to use your product properly

Combine these padded shorts with one of the ASSOS skinfoil layers for the summer, or in colder temperatures with a skinfoil undershirt for early winter. The SS.centoJersey_evo8 is a perfect jersey to complement the comfort of the T.milleShorts_s7. For best results on your ride, wear anti-bacterial and anti-friction ASSOS Chamois cream before riding these shorts.


  • 1 x Assos T.milleShorts_s7 bib shorts short men bib shorts bib shorts (mille_S7-seat pad) blackSeries (see item description for details)
Assos T.milleShorts s7 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid (mille S7-ülepbetét) Méret M blackSeries

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