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Assos Équipe RS S9 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid férfi (équipe RS-ülepbetét)

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Méret L nationalRed 213,45€ 95236921
Méret M nationalRed 213,45€ 95236922
Méret S nationalRed 213,45€ 95236923
Méret XL nationalRed 213,45€ 95236924
Méret XXL (XLG) nationalRed 213,45€ 95236925
Méret XS nationalRed 213,45€ 95236926
Méret L blackSeries 213,45€ 95236915
Méret M blackSeries 213,45€ 95236916
Méret S blackSeries 213,45€ 95236917
Méret XL blackSeries 213,45€ 95236918
Méret XXL (XLG) blackSeries 213,45€ 95236919
Méret XS blackSeries 213,45€ 95236920
Méret L dataGreen 213,45€ 95230008
Méret M dataGreen 213,45€ 95230009
Méret S dataGreen 213,45€ 95230016
Méret XL dataGreen 213,45€ 95230017
Méret XS dataGreen 213,45€ 95230018
Méret XXL (XLG) dataGreen 213,45€ 95230019
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The short RS bib pants for men

The S9 model heralds the future of race-proven comfort and has been designed and developed on the basis of a completely new concept. Each textile, construction and technique used in the successful predecessor model has been evaluated, renewed and improved. It also supported racers of the highest levels.

Imagine the many sharp turns, the millions of pedal turns, be it in the saddle or standing, the ASSOS test driver. How often did the body of the driver have to reposition itself? And thus what elasticity, protection and stability the pants and the padding had to bring?

In the S9 generation, two new ways of thinking come into play: the primary "butterfly insert" - this is the completely new cut and seam construction of the trousers - which completely encloses the legs and converges on the back to form their new ergoBox structure. This design effectively frames the insert and also features an incredible advanced textile, the Type.441 material that gently wraps your legs. This textile is specially designed for compressive support and silky soft comfort.

After this step, ASSOS has implemented its unique rollBar, which is based on the stabilizer of a race car, by acting as a stabilizer for use and compensating for the body and weight shifts in bends and treads. Each strap is sewn directly into the hem over the insert to ensure that it is always under comfortable tension. The straps were also redesigned using calibrated stretch, while the back was additionally provided with a single lot of elastic material that folded over itself forming an A-shape on the back. To ensure a higher degree of stability, it offers a short, vertical stretch. On the front side, a more flexible material has been used, which stands out with its antibacterial carbon fabric, which dissipates moisture and keeps it pleasantly flat.

ASSOS has also focused on their well-proven Equipe Evo cushion, optimizing it for even greater performance in tough racing. The surface was reduced to save extra weight, and then the superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle and their kraterCooler system implemented to increase the exchange of air. In addition, further measures were taken to fix the insert on the back with its patented horizontal stabilizer. The result? The comfort characteristic of ASSOS, but stabilized like never before!


  • A-Lock Engineering: The S9 racingFit system brings together new materials and methods that work together to stabilize the shorts and keep you from slipping.
  • rollBar: The unique design, which is based on the stabilizer of a racing car by the carrier act as a stabilizer for the pad and compensate for the body and weight shifts in curves and in the tread movements.
  • ergoBox: A square- shaped pattern that effectively frames the padding on the back for extra stability.
  • 30% Less Seams: The entire model uses flatter and fewer seams, making it more comfortable and less bulky (180g RS).
  • zeroWaist: An edged edge with sealed seams for the smoothest transition between body and material. More comfort, less pressure feeling.
  • Butterfly Pattern: The primary cut of the trousers flatters the back of the lumbar spine and legs and converges at the back. The reduced use of seams results in a more uniform grip, less weight and improved comfort.
  • Ultralight Leg Grippers: A lightweight silicone has been woven into the leg cuff, allowing the material to exert pressure without pressure, not pushing up and leaving the shorts in place.
  • Type.441: A patented 40 gauge circular knit designed specifically for compressive support and silky soft comfort. 200 g / m2, USF 50+, moisture-wicking (idroFil fastDry), iceColor, odorControl and particularly resistant.
  • Carbon Xbib: A single lot of elastic material that has been folded over itself to form a supportive A-shaped frame that provides a short vertical stretch at the back. Above the "X" intersection
  • A more flexible material was used, consisting of an antibacterial carbon fabric that wicks away moisture while lying flat on the front.


  • 1 x Assos Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts Short Men (see item description for details)
Assos Équipe RS S9 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid férfi (équipe RS-ülepbetét) Méret L nationalRed
Assos Équipe RS S9 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid férfi (équipe RS-ülepbetét) Méret L blackSeries
Assos Équipe RS S9 Bib nadrág nadrág rövid férfi (équipe RS-ülepbetét) Méret L dataGreen

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