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NEW: Bell Super Air helmets
With the Bell Super Air model, Bell is launching two lightweight, well-ventilated, high-protection helmets. The Super Air comes with MIPS technology and is offered as a half shell and full face helmet. And thanks to the wide range of colors you can choose between colorful and stealth look.
from 277,47 €
NEW: Giro Tyrant MTB helmet
The Giro Tyrant ensures that the term safety is heard by your ears in the future more than just! He offers you a circumaural helmet shell that reliably protects the ear and maxilla. Nevertheless it is so openly built, that you hear road traffic and surroundings still well.
170,75 €
NEW: Peaty`s Chris King Tubeless Ventile
Bring some color into the dark season. In order to customize your bike to the last detail, Peaty's brought some anodized tubeless valves to the market. The valves were produced together with ChrisKing who are well known for their high production quality.
from 21,24 €
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