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Procraft Universal csomagtartó für 24-28" állítható, fekete

27,64 €
31,91 €helyett

Procraft Universal Gepäckträger

Aluminium mit Federklappe komplett; mit Befestigungs-Zubehör => einfachste Montage an alle klassischen Rahmen passend!

Ár küldésekor Magyarország; + szállítási ktg.
Termékszám: 83750051 || EAN/UPC: 4039645003059 
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Procraft offers you the complete equipment for a safe bike enjoyment! One of the main tasks of Procraft is to offer bike components not only in the standard size but also to serve customers who need special sizes. Procraft for example offers seat posts with exotic proportions. Procraft tests safety-related components like handlebars, stems and seat posts to on-site, modern EFBe test benches in the Southern German headquarter according to the latest guidelines.

A clear sign for quality and trust: 5 years of product warranty for material and construction faults even on high-charged components like seat posts and handlebars.

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Bike rack for the front or the rear

No matter whether you would like a lowrider, the cargo rack for the front or whether you prefer the classical variant, the rear wheel luggage carrier. Here, you'll find all luggage carriers from different top brands. The most popular luggage carriers are from the companies Tubus or Racktime. They are well-known for their robustness and versatility and they can withstand a lot. Rear wheel bicycle racks may in most cases only be loaded with25 to 30 kg. Classical front wheel luggage carriers, which sit above the front wheel, may only be loaded with less load. You should also not forget that such luggage carriers can impact on the steering behaviour. The better choice in terms of road behaviour would be a lowrider. Lowriders are the more modern cargo racks which are mounted to the bike's fork. They are often combined with panniers (side bags). Even if you have a fully suspended bike (mountain bike), you can fasten luggage carriers. In such a case, the carrier is fastened to the seat post with a clamp. These quickly mounted seat post racks can transport up to 10 kg. The mounting of a luggage carrier with disc brake mounting on the other hand is a little bit more difficult. When making the decision to buy a rack, not only the width, the carrying capacity and the material of the luggage carrier are crucial factors. Here, you'll mainly have to observe the wheel size. A carrier for a 26 inch bike does not fit a 29 inch bike. Special cargo racks for kids' bikes are also available so that they fit the smaller frame geometry.
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