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Jagwire tubus Tops fékbetét-/váltóbowden vázvédő fekete (4 db.)

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    Jagwire tubus Tops fékbetét-/váltóbowden vázvédő fekete (4 db.)
    Termékszám: 84490008 || EAN/UPC: 4715910031964  || Gyártói szám: CHA068-N1
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    4 db à 6,30

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    Quality is Jagwires commitment.

    Jagwire is number one in this world when it comes to cables/sleeves. You can find Jagwire cables/sleeves at different brand manufacturers for example Giant, Specialized, Filz, Trek, BMC, Cannondale, Norco, Scott, Globe, KHS, Bianchi, Ridley and a hundred more international brands.

    Over 20 years the Jagwire pioneers have an adamant bound to quality, permanent tests of their brake pads, cables and sleeves under extreme conditions. Their target is to offer high quality products with consistent accomplishment.

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    Rhino skin protective film, tube tops and bike covers

    The cycling industry have thought of few things to keep bikes looking good. The paintwork on a bike especially needs protection. For this you can buy suitable tailored and usually transparent protective sheets. These are also know as "rhino skin" (if necessary for cars), we are talking about sticky plastic sheets made of PVC also know as Frame Saver or Bike shield (whereby Bike Shield is a brand-name). The sheets are available as a set for all parts of the bike that need to be protected or just for certain parts, e.g. the down tube or sheets to protect the crankarm. The rhino skin protects the spots on the frame that are at risk from stone hits or grazing, e.g. from the chain on the chain-stay or rubbing of Bowden cables which may leave unsightly marks on the paint. In the latter case you have the equally practical Tube Tops. These are small protective rubber pieces that protective the paint of the bike where cables rub on the frame. They are simply wedged or pushed over the coating of the brake or gear cables. Often this stops an annoying knocking sound of swinging cables. In order to complete the protective package, you can also get everything from a protective cover for your bike saddle through to a complete cover for your bicycle (also known as a bike garage), in order to store your bike during winter or to protect it. Chain ring protection , neoprene covers for suspension and more. Discover the different protection options for your bike, whether glued on, velcro or pulled on.
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