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DMR Bolt Slopestyle váz 26" 11/26" Tapered Méret unisize metalic black

1.098,18 €
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Méret unisize black
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DMR was founded by some drivers who share the passion for biking and design.
Over the past 10 years DMR developed from a One-product business to a company that covers a wide spectrum of riding disciplines with over 100 products. But they keep thir look on the hardcore drivers who promote the development of DMR products with their progressive style. The result are components that tend to be simple and stable without unnecessary gadgets.

The mission is simple: manufacturing the best components that cover the needs of the hardcore drivers, producing the highest quality components that work under the most extreme conditions, supporting the scene and affording worldwide availability of the products.
This straightforward approach can be summarized simply: DesignMakeRide.

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Buy frames for freeriders at favourable prices

In this category, it's all about MTB freeride frames, which also are part of the MTB full suspension bike class. The main subjects are "more" travel and durability. Applications are such as bike parks, local spots and huge jumps and drops. All these frames feature a lot of travel. Sturdy rear triangle bearings and pivots make freeride frames less susceptible to defects, but also a little heavier than the bikes from the racing segment. Geometry and wheelbase are not so much designed for speed but much more for manoeuvrability. This makes such a freeride bike very playful and it can also be managed well in technical passages. This way, tricks on large jumps and drops can easily and safely be practiced. Freeride frames mostly are of aluminium since this material fulfills the requirements in this segment best. Falls and hard landings are part of daily life, and an aluminium frame can cope relatively well with one or another dent. The sitting angle at most of the models is adjusted so that with some patience and willingness, even longer tours uphill can be managed - without being forced to only use the chair lift or other ascent possibilities in the bike park. Build your freerider according to your own wishes. You'll find the fitting frame here in our shop for freeride frames.

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